We support in procurement and supply electrical items for transmission and distribution systems from reputed and approved suppliers in Europe / USA / India and from Gulf . 

We Supply and support installation services for cable system accessories such as proprietary cable trays, ladders, supports, cable cleats, power connectors and specialist outdoor substation materials.

We are headed by well Experienced Managers and Professionals for Sourcing and supply of most suitable materials meeting the Local Electrical and Water Utilities / Authorities specifications – such as

  • Cables (Power and control cables)
  • Jointing kits
  • Termination kits
  • Power Distribution Hardware Fittings, LV & MV
  • Power Transmission line hardware fittings up to 800 kV
  • Low & Medium Voltage cables
  • Control Cables
  • Power cables HV & EHV up to 400 kV
  • Heat Shrink LV, MV & HV Cable termination and Joints
  • Cold Shrink LV, MV & HV cable Termination and Joints
  • Cable Glands, Cable Ties & Ferrules
  • Cable trays & Accessories
  • Earthing Materials
  • Solar Panels and accessories
  • Proprietary Link Boxes and , all consumables
  • Cable Cleats
  • Glands
  • Lugs
  • Stainless steel Cable tags
  • Labels
  • copper bus bars,
  • copperand other electrical items

Our Cable Clamp and Stainless Steel Links Boxes are type tested with CPRI Bangalore and supplying this materials various GCC Countries.

We are already a recognized supplier to top Consultants and EPCS ( Engineering and project construction companies ) that are actively engaged in Projects building across the GCC countries.

We work closely with manufacturers and users to match the requirements in time at competitive Prices . We operate as a local Authorized distributor of Manufacturers and can support in technical and commercial understanding of Tendering and Project Managers . Our good sourcing capability make good products are available at the right time from the Right sources.

We are managed by highly committed professionals having depth of understanding and experience in operations of contracts management, service operations as well as trading supplies in time.Our Management Team have over 30 Years Plus experience in International Industrial Markets and can work with your engineers as Partners to Progress TOGETHER.